420 Graffiti Respect

420 Dictionary

420 Dictionary

The 420 Dictionary is definitions of public graffiti slang. Tons of 420 slang people make up their own communities. Understanding their creativity shows them respect.

The friendly meaning of four twenty is being multiplied and obscured by many slang stories over the years. The overall theme of 4/20 connects with smoking your favorite marijuana. Discover the real party goers, hip hop rap artists, weed lovers, pot heads and subculture gurus who enjoy partaking in their favorite buzz at this time. Four hundred and twenty is fast becoming the secret underground slanguage code to anything to do with marijuana terminology, cannabis subculture, street level language and graffiti nicknames. Discover what images of certain 420 graffiti means. Find out what hip hop artists are communicating. Every kid uses slang and nicknames so their parents don’t know what phrases they are speaking or what they’re smoking.

420 Friendly Entertainment

You’ve got to check out some of the language in alphabetic sections, they can be fun, entertaining, historical and reveal new images of 4/20 subculture. Feel free to send your own truly astonishing laughter and mayhem. It’s interesting to see the different communities defined by the 420 online people living there. Every year the landscape of genre changes.

April 20 at 4:20am of every calendar year is the official Four Twenty New Years Eve celebration. Cheers to all, may your joints be phat and your favorite drinks flow like water. Be sure to smoke your finest marijuana on this underground national day. Start the fun, begin your countdown today.